Critical Power UPS for industry and service

From industrial controls, process automation and medical equipment to building automation and emergency systems.

In the manufacturing and services industry some processes just cannot be stopped. Some others can be stopped only after a controlled shutdown procedure has been carried out, in order to avoid product loss, service stops and even casualties.Most machinery is sophisticated and sensitive to mains disturbance but even a simple electric motor can suffer serious damage from an unexpected voltage fluctuation.

There are also regenerative machine tools which can not be protected by a common UPS, because they require ad-hoc power protection solutions to manage energy flows back to the mains.

Borri, thanks to its multidisciplinary know-how in the field of static energy conversion and its proven customising expertise, it’s able to supply power protection solutions also for regenerative machine tools, including frequency conversion option as required in the various worldwide markets.


Industrial control and process automation

Borri critical power solutions ensure continuous operation to all industrial type of loads thanks to reliable, robust and stable UPSs.

Medical equipment

Borri critical power solutions are compliant to the strictest safety requirements.

Building automation

Borri provides the facility management with reliable critical power solutions under all conditions while being attentive to energy savings and sustainability.

Emergency and safety systems

Borri Emergency Central Systems have been designed in compliance to the international EN 50171 Standards, supplying uninterrupted quality power to emergency and safety installations.



  • Inverter transformer and transformer-free based architectured series
  • Low cost of ownership
  • High efficiency
  • Distributed and centralized maintenance/static bypass option
  • Smart parallel management for load sharing and load synchronization
  • Reduced footprint
  • Comprehensive range of monitoring options
  • Full compliance with all international product standards.

Thanks to his highly skilled custom engineering Borri follows the entire process in-house: from preliminary studies to design, production and after-sales service analyzing and developing wide spectrum of edge system requirements.