UPSaver 3vo

Modular High Power
3-phase UPS for data centers up to 21 MW

High power modular UPSs UPSaver 3vo deliver unsurpassed performance for large and hyperscale data centres providing the highest level of availability for this power range, lowest power consumption and TCO.

  • 98.5% average efficiency
  • Modularity, availability and scalability up to 21 MW
  • High system expandability
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Maximum flexibility and modularity

    Its modular design allows easy system resizing by addition of power modules. Maintenance operations can be done without switching to bypass line.
  • Continuous savings

    UPSaver 3vo can operate according to the International Electrotechnical Commission classified modes of operation: double conversion (VFI), ECO mode (VFD) and Ultra High Efficiency (VFD).
  • Low environmental footprint

    UPSaver 3vo can feed any load at maximum efficiency and its transformer-free design makes it lighter and more compact for a higher environmental sustainability.
  • Low maintenance cost

    Green Battery Management and Green Conversion technology save battery life, by mitigating the major root causes of battery ageing, such as ripple current and floating charge micro currents. UHE mode of operation dramatically increases the duration of wearing components.
  • Maximum safety

    UPSaver 3vo comes with backfeed protection circuitry for maximum operator safety.
  • The system is based on 333 kW unit modules and an I/O module for cable connection, system bypass and user interface. Unit modules have removable power packs for easy maintenance and low MTTR.
  • Configuration options include N+R redundancy, hot expandability and hot serviceability.
  • Load Based Shutdown algorithm optimizes the number of active modules to maximize system efficiency. This enables the UPS to adapt to load requirement, whilst keeping highest VFI protection.
  • High Genset compatibility thanks to minimum input capacity power, unit input power factor, THDi <3% and programmable soft start features.

UPSaver 3vo Tech specs

UPSaver 3vo: modular high power 3-phase UPS 670 kW - 21 MW

Rating (kVA) 670 1000 1340 1670 2000 2340 2670
N nominal power (kW) 670 1000 1340 1670 2000 2340 2670
No. of modules 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
UPS dimensions
WxDxH (mm)*
UPS weight (kg)* 2140 2710 4205 4775 5770 6630 (***)
Battery configuration External 360 to 372 cells, VRLA, Li-Ion (other options)
Connection type Hardwired 4w (rectifier), 4w (bypass)
Nominal voltage 400 Vac 3-phase with neutral (rectifier), 380/400/415 Vac 3-phase with neutral (bypass)
Voltage tolerance -20%, +15% (rectifier); ±10% (bypass)
Frequency and range 50/60 Hz, 45 to 65 Hz
Power factor 0.99
Current distortion (THDi) <3%


Connection type Hardwired 4w
Nominal voltage 380/400/415 Vac 3-phase with neutral
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Voltage regulation Static: ±1%;
dynamic: IEC/EN 62040-3 Class 1
Power factor Up to 1, with no power derating
Overload capability** Inverter: 105% continuous at 30° C, 125% for 10 min, 150% for 1 min;
bypass: 110% continuous, 150% for 1 min, 700% for 100 ms, 1000% for 10 ms
AC/AC efficiency Up to 99%
Classification as per
IEC/EN 62040-3

* full option version including top busbar entry module, main switches, hot swap distribution modules. ** conditions apply. *** contact our sales team for confirmation.

Connectivity and function extensions

Front panel 10” colour touch screen display, 1024x600 pixels
Remote communication Included: serial RS232; input terminal block (remote emergency power off, battery circuit breaker aux. cont., external maintenance bypass circuit breaker aux. cont., diesel mode aux. cont., external output circuit breaker aux. cont., remote transfer to bypass mode); SPDT contact relay board; ModBus-RTU (RS485);
Optional: ModBus-TCP/IP (Ethernet)
Optional features Isolation transformer; battery cabinets; DC protection cabinets; battery thermal probe; parallel kit;
load-sync for single UPS and load-sync box (2 UPS systems); other options on request


Protection degree IP 20
Colour RAL 9005
Installation layout Wall, back to back and side by side installation allowed
Accessibility Front and top access, bottom and top cable entry
Parallel configuration Up to 8 UPS, for a total of 21 MW


Operating temperature 0°C to +40°C with no power derating
Storage temperature -10°C to +70°C
Altitude (AMSL) < 1000 m without power reduction, > 1000 m with reduction of 0.5% per 100 m
Audible noise at 1m (dBA) <65

Standards and certifications

Quality assurance, environment,
health and safety
ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001
Safety IEC/EN 62040-1
EMC IEC/EN 62040-2
Environmental aspects IEC/EN 62040-4; ISO 14025
Test and performance IEC/EN 62040-3
Protection degree IEC 60529
Marking CE