Industrial control and process automation

Improvement to your plant performance in a high technological environment leads to a remarkable increase in the demand of process automation systems. Continuous operation and control are fundamental within the industrial sector to reduce downtime and increase efficiency.

Developing applications for monitoring and controlling different services and areas of plants can be difficult, because testing the applications in such environment is expensive and dangerous.

The electronically controlled machinery is sophisticated and sensitive to mains disturbance. Even a simple electric motor can suffer serious damage from an un expected voltage fluctuation. Any failure in the power supply system can lead to a production interruption and consequent revenue loss.

Borri critical power solutions ensure continuous operation to all industrial type of loads thanks to reliable, robust and stable UPS's; guaranteeing very low MTTR and reduction in energy consumption.

UPS for industrial control and process automation

Products for Industrial control and process automation

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  • Borri B8031FXS-B8033FXS UPS


    UPS 10-20 kVA 3/1 - 3/3.
    3-Ph in/1-Ph out UPS with built in battery and modular power modules for easy maintenance.
  • Borri UPS Ingenio Plus 30-160 kW


    UPS 30-160 kVA 3/3
    Compact very high efficiency UPS with built in battery up to 80kVA.
  • Borri UPS Ingenio MAX 200-300 kVA


    UPS 200-600 kVA 3/3.
    Up to 97% efficiency in a very compact low noise construction.
  • B9000FXS

    UPS 60-300 kVA 3/3.
    Transformer isolated output UPS for stringent power conditioning.
  • B9600FXS

    UPS 400-800 kVA 3/3.
    Hi-Power Transformer isolated output UPS for stringent power conditioning.
  • STS 300

    STS 300

    STS 100-3000 A 3 phase.
    3 phase centralized static transfer switches for seamless load transfer in dual path systems.