Critical Power UPS for ICT and data center

From home, computer and peripheral to server rooms, telecom and data center systems.

Mobile web access, financial transactions, digital entertainment, iCloud services, online B2C and B2B are just a few applications that have been massively increasing internet usage and therefore data processing and storage need.

Therefore, the IT industry still demands maximum availability, as a data center downtime of seconds often results in data loss, with severe economic consequences.

In the meantime, IT services companies increasingly struggle to reduce their energy requirements, due to rising environmental and economic constraints.

Small footprint and TCO in the data centre industry.

Making the most of floor space still remains one of the drivers in data center design, whilst being flexible, to quickly adjust facility layout in such a fast-changing market.

The patented Green Conversion technology for Borri three-phase solutions can guarantee the best PUE for green data centers: proof of the ongoing company commitment to innovation.


Computer and peripheral

Borri 1-phase intelligent UPSs guarantee protection from interference, failures and black-outs with a remarkable reduction in energy consumption and a reduced impact on environmental.

Small and medium data center

In order to maintain data centers fully functional and reliable, they require extensive redundant and backup power supply systems. Borri critical power solutions have been developed to deliver clean and secure power.

Large data center

Any power failure can have dramatic impact on companies operations. Borri critical power solutions have been developed to deliver clean and secure power.

Network and Server

Borri power supply solutions are flexible and adaptable to all load profiles and can be configured according to customer specifications.



  • Inverter transformer and transformer-free based architectured series
  • Low cost of ownership
  • High efficiency
  • Distributed and centralized maintenance/static bypass option
  • Smart parallel management for load sharing and load synchronization
  • Reduced footprint
  • Comprehensive range of monitoring options
  • Full compliance with all international product standards.

Supplying both standalone and modular UPS, Borri provides the best power protection solution either way your business is a small office or an enterprice data center.