Large data center

Any power failure can have dramatic impact on companies operations.

In order to maintain data centers fully functional and reliable, they require extensive redundant and backup power supply systems. Improving a data center PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) is therefore a target for owners and managers. Borri critical power solutions have been developed to deliver clean and secure power. Borri UPS systems for large data center guarantee high efficiency and low total cost of ownership (TCO).

Energy savings is one of the main focuses in data center industry. TCO is a key figure when small or large companies are considering a new investment.

Solutions > 1MW

UPS for large data centers

Products for Large data center

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  • Borri UPS Ingenio MAX 200-300 kVA


    UPS 200-600 kVA 3/3.
    Up to 97% efficiency in a very compact low noise construction.
  • Borri UPSaver 3vo modular UPS 1000 kW

    UPSaver 3vo

    UPS 670 kW-21 MW.
    Complete high power modular infrastructure solution > 1MW easy to configure, with up to 99.5% efficiency.
  • STS 300

    STS 300

    STS 100-3000 A 3 phase.
    3 phase centralized static transfer switches for seamless load transfer in dual path systems.
  • Borri STS 16-32 A 1 phase

    STS 16-32

    STS 16-32 A 1/1.
    1 phase rackmount static transfer switches for seamless load transfer with maximum flexibility of use.