90th Anniversary Borri

In 2022 Borri turns 90 years old. This represents a great achievement for a company that started back in 1932 as a small local business producing electrical equipment and has today many thousands of installations protecting infrastructures worldwide and is pre-qualified in all the major industrial vendor lists.

"Our customers know that they can rely today on a company with high quality standards, a great expertise and 90 years of commitment in designing innovative power solutions for an ever-changing market."

Fausto Beoni, CEO Borri S.p.A.



Borri was founded by a local entrepreneur, Mr. Ernesto Borri.



Beginning of activities in the power conversion market for major power plants in Italy.


Borri logo is completely redesigned with a modern and industrial look, resembling more the one we are familiar with today.



Following the IT booming, in the late ‘80s Borri enters the commercial UPS market.




Borri delivers first MW UPSs for data centers. In 2013 Borri is awarded by ENI to provide high-efficient UPS systems for their 30 MW data center.


Borri becomes part of Legrand Group



Passionate About Power

In Borri headquarters and subsidiaries works a passionate and professional team of over 250 people. Corporate offices as well as R&D, production and testing are based in the Italian factories. Borri products and solutions are designed, developed and produced locally in Italy whilst subsidiaries represent strategic branches for sales, project management and service.

We Care for your Business

Borri offer spans from standard and commercial UPS’s to highly engineered solutions to meet exactly your need for secure power supply and critical load protection.

Anytime. Anywhere.


Borri adapts its product standards and quality to the evolution of the market. Protecting data and processes as well as guaranteeing energy saving to their infrastructures are crucial needs for most of our customers today.
We are constantly working to reduce the environment impact of our products and processes whilst maximizing our production capacity and optimizing our responsiveness to the market needs.

Borri a Brand of Legrand

Borri is a brand of Legrand, a major international player in the electrical and digital building infrastructures with a comprehensive offering of solutions for commercial, industrial and residential markets, a benchmark for customers worldwide.

Your Power Solution Partner Since 1932