Medical equipment

Two major factors make healthcare a challenging market for Borri. Hospitals are among the most energy intensive buildings and healthcare is tightly linked with human well-being. These are major issues in a general environment where health buildings are complex and expensive structures with an increasing demand for healthcare.

Borri critical power solutions are compliant to the strictest safety requirements. Borri on-line double conversion UPS's guarantee high IP degree levels, transformers/autotransformers for isolation, voltage adjustment and a comprehensive range of monitoring and remote communication options.

UPS for medical equipment and hospitals

Products for medical equipment

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  • Borri B8031FXS-B8033FXS UPS


    UPS 10-20 kVA 3/1 - 3/3.
    3-Ph in/1-Ph out UPS with built in battery and modular power modules for easy maintenance.
  • Borri UPS Ingenio Plus 30-160 kW


    UPS 30-160 kVA 3/3
    Compact very high efficiency UPS with built in battery up to 80kVA.
  • Borri UPS Ingenio MAX 200-300 kVA


    UPS 200-600 kVA 3/3.
    Up to 97% efficiency in a very compact low noise construction.
  • B9000FXS

    UPS 60-300 kVA 3/3.
    Transformer isolated output UPS for stringent power conditioning.
  • B9600FXS

    UPS 400-800 kVA 3/3.
    Hi-Power Transformer isolated output UPS for stringent power conditioning.