Building automation

Having more efficient buildings is getting a first priority for commercial facilities. Intelligent buildings allow the user to independently and automatically manage technology monitoring and controlling in order to maximize efficiency and reduce energy consumption. Thus, contributing to the comfort and productivity of occupants.

Borri provides the facility management with reliable UPS and critical power solutions for building automation under all conditions while being attentive to energy savings and sustainability.

UPS for building automation

Products for building automation

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  • Borri B8031FXS-B8033FXS UPS


    UPS 10-20 kVA 3/1 - 3/3.
    3-Ph in/1-Ph out UPS with built in battery and modular power modules for easy maintenance.
  • Borri UPS Ingenio Plus 30-160 kW


    UPS 30-160 kVA 3/3
    Compact very high efficiency UPS with built in battery up to 80kVA.
  • Borri UPS Ingenio MAX 200-300 kVA


    UPS 200-600 kVA 3/3.
    Up to 97% efficiency in a very compact low noise construction.
  • B9000FXS

    UPS 60-300 kVA 3/3.
    Transformer isolated output UPS for stringent power conditioning.
  • B9600FXS

    UPS 400-800 kVA 3/3.
    Hi-Power Transformer isolated output UPS for stringent power conditioning.