Industrial Power AC & DC UPS

Power protection solutions for Oil & Gas, transportation, power generation and utilities.

Industrial projects need reliable and uninterrupted power to secure several mission- critical applications mainly in extreme environments. High quality engineered custom made systems protect plant and the safety of your team.

Borri’s custom engineered industrial AC and DC UPS's and solutions continuously supply and protect your industrial systems against a full range of power problems, even in hazardous locations.

Besides our products we are geared up to provide complete project support and services for a smooth and easy project execution.


Oil & Gas

Borri’s industrial power solutions meet the most stringent international standards to guarantee power supply to mission-critical applications in the up, mid and downstream segments of the Oil industry.

Power generation and water treatment

Borri’s industrial AC and DC field-proven solutions with a long design life fully compliant with all international standards.

Power transmission & distribution

Delivering safe and stable power to critical grid applications is top priority for power utility industries and Borri offers custom power solutions for your needs.


Environmental footprint and cost savings are critical issues for port authorities and shipowners. Shore-to-ship power reduces emissions and fuel costs when ships dock in ports. Borri solutions guarantee reliability and efficiency while keeping your ship activities on and running.


Borri offers special solutions for Transport services adopting centralizing and modern technologies with major focus on safety requirements, power continuity and risk reduction.

Chemical, Mining and Metallurgy

Borri can supply industrial power solutions with enclosure protection degree up to IP54 to help minimize downtimes and to maximize your facility output.

Process Industry

Borri industrial solutions can continuously supply and protect your industrial systems against a full range of power problems even in hazardous locations.


E-mobility is changing the way people are being transported and commuting. Likewise, electric transportation is marking a turning point for public services in congested metropolitan regions.


With over 80 years of experience, Borri is a company specialized in custom design, manufacturing and servicing of power electronics equipment for oil & gas, energy and utilities, industrial process and service, ICT, solar static power converters and storage systems.

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