Our customized solutions are designed to withstand harsh conditions in typical marine environments. Vibrations, shocks, high temperatures and cramped spaces are all key issues to be considered when deploying a power protection system onboard.

Vessels need to be fully operational and at the highest performance levels during all their journey across seas and oceans. Any interruption, blackout and other disturbances can put at risk onboard equipment and passengers’ safety.

Borri offers a complete range of products specifically tailored for marine applications. Depending on the kind of vessel and requirements, we provide the most robust conventional or modular AC and DC systems.

Borri marine application solutions

Marine AC UPS

Borri engineered and ruggedized UPS solutions are designed to protect ship critical equipment and essential systems onboard that need to keep fully operational even in case of power interruption.

Marine DC UPS

Borri rectifiers securely provide supply to DC powered loads as well as battery charging, whether onshore or offshore. Flexible solutions that can be used to recharge ships’ batteries and to provide reliable energy to DC vital and auxiliary services.

Marine Converters

Borri product range includes both shore-to-ship and ship-to-shore converters, which guarantee reliable power supply to docked ships. Environmental footprint and cost savings are critical issues for port authorities and shipowners. Power converters reduce emissions and fuel costs when ships dock in ports. Borri converters regulate the grid power supply to the appropriate ship voltage and frequency.

Highlighted Executed Projects

Cruise Vessel


AC and DC systems installed in a 67.000-ton, 1.200-passenger cruise ship to protect safety systems and onboard critical applications. Borri has provided UPS systems from 5 to 200 kVA and rectifiers from 40 to 90 Amp and 24-110 Vdc. Vin=690 Vac / Vout=220 Vac. IP 22 protection degree. Battery cabinet integrated.

Mega Yacht


IP 44 frequency converter 200 kVA with input range 170-520 Vac 50/60 Hz and output 400 Vac 50 Hz. Double input configuration to allow converter's power supply from 2 different docks. A Seamless Control Box manages the converter's synchroni zation with up to 4 generators.



DC systems installed onshore providing submarine auxiliary services and battery charging. Vout = 165-605 Vdc adjustable (optional up to 900 Vdc) / Aout = 0-400 A adjustable (optional up to 2,000 A). IP 44 protection degree and AISI 316L cabinet. Optional rectifier discharger.

Military Aircraft Carrier


30 x AC UPS 30 kVA

Container Ship


DC UPS 50 A 450 Vac/110 Vdc, AC UPS 100kVA

FPSO Vessel


UPS 75 kVA, separated distribution and batteries

JACK-UP Vessel


Dual AC UPS 40 kVA, 110 Vac, with common distribution board

Drilling Ship


Dual AC UPS 32 kVA, 440 Vac 3-phase input / 220 Vac 1-phase output

FLNG Vessel


AC UPS 200 kVA and 350 kVA, 400/230 Vac, DC UPS 110 Vdc, 92,5 kW and 400 V

Products for Marine

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  • E2001 Marine UPS

    E2001 Marine

    AC UPS Marine
    5-200 kVA 1-ph.

    Reliable and customizable AC Marine 1-phase UPS designed to protect ship critical equipment and onboard essential systems.
  • E3001 Marine UPS

    E3001 Marine

    AC UPS Marine
    5-600 kVA 3-ph.

    Reliable and customizable AC Marine 3-phase UPS designed to protect ship critical equipment and onboard essential systems.
  • RTB Marine Rectifier/Battery Charger

    RTB Marine

    DC UPS Marine
    50-2000 A

    Flexible solutions that can be used to recharge ships’ batteries and to provide reliable energy to DC vital and auxiliary services.
  • Marine modular UPS UMB AC

    UMB AC07 Marine

    Modular AC UPS Marine
    20-120 kW.

    Marine modular UPS ensuring a very high reliability and a very low mean time to repair (MTTR), with the highest possible availability.
  • Marine modular UMB DC UPS

    UMB DC Marine

    Modular DC UPS Marine
    24-220 V.

    Marine modular DC UPS system with high reliable, robust quality and flexible, longest design life.
  • SCB Shore Power Converter


    Shore Power Converter
    40-300 kVA

    Compact and robust shore power converter designed for marine applications, built to fit in the narrowest spaces of super, mega and giga yachts.
  • Borri Ingenio SFC Static Frequency Converter

    Ingenio SFC

    Static Frequency Converter
    100-2000 kVA.

    Borri Static Frequency Converter provides high reliable power supply converting 50 Hz supply to 60 Hz equipment and to different voltages.