Environmental footprint and cost savings are critical issues for port authorities and shipowners. Shore-to-ship power reduces emissions and fuel costs when ships dock in ports. Ships often need to stay at berth for long intervals, while still in operation for passengers and crews.

Marine static frequency converter for shore-to-ship power.

Borri static frequency converters help regulate the grid electricity (typically 50 Hz) to the appropriate ship frequency (typically 60 Hz). Borri solutions guarantee reliability and efficiency while keeping your ship activities on and running.


Products for Marine

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  • SCB Shore Power Converter


    Shore Power Converter
    40-300 kVA

    Compact and robust shore power converter designed for marine applications, built to fit in the narrowest spaces of super, mega and giga yachts.
  • Borri Ingenio SFC Static Frequency Converter

    Ingenio SFC

    Static Frequency Converter
    100-2000 kVA.

    Borri Static Frequency Converter provides high reliable power supply converting 50 Hz supply to 60 Hz equipment and to different voltages.