Borri offers distributors and customers a service training structured in 3 levels:

  • Basic course
    The aim of the course is to provide with a general overview of the basic characteristics of Borri systems. Trainees will be able to get conscious of the most relevant functionalities with no many technical details provided in the other levels.
  • Full course
    It’s the extension of the basic course. It provides an in-depth study of the system general functioning and a basic overview of maintenance tools. The aim of this course is to make trainees reach a knowledge level that will permit them to identify the first failures and properly communicate with Borri staff.
  • Advanced course
    The aim of this course is a complete training of attendants who will be able to face a complete troubleshooting. Thanks to this course the trainees will be able to maintain their units.


Courses can be held in Borri training centers or on-site. Courses held on site would require the use of UPS systems demonstration.


Other services

Planning, installation, commissioning

Borri assist you in every single step of your project. Our R&D team can analyze and develop solutions to a wide range of edge system requirements.


Preventive maintenance guarantees uninterrupted operations and optimized system efficiency..

Analytical tests

Borri UPS units for data center application guarantee high efficiency, a low failure rate, short fixing times and limited maintenance costs.

Battery tests

Batteries are essential to critical power solutions. A system without a reliable battery back up is will render the UPS in unsatisfactory conditions.

Repair & spare parts

All spare parts supplied by Borri are original, tested and guaranteed to be fully compliant with Borri solutions.

Remote monitoring

The 3-phase UPS teleservice allows you to detect any deviation from optimum operation and trigger proper and immediate response, so that anomalies don’t evolve into issues.