Industrial Battery Charger and Rectifier
1-phase 50-100 A

Compact, heavy duty Rectifier Battery Charger with full galvanic insulation. Designed to supply auxiliary loads, Switchgears and Protection Relays of Electrical Substations, in the Utilities applications.

  • Input Rectifier transformer for AC/DC galvanic separation
  • Standard configuration for cost-effective, short lead time solutions
  • Reduced footprint of the cabinet for easy installation
  • 16 Bit microcontroller control, digital control panel with history of alarms, full set of communications options
  • The product is available in a well defined configuration, immediately usable for a wide range of applications. Fast delivery time for standard configuration is granted.
  • The product layout, allow to the final user the possibility of an easy and fast maintenance. All the components are well disposed inside the unit, and the panels can be installed against the walls.
  • The product can be easily added to any existing project, thanks to the experience and knowhow of Borri engineering team. The customer will be supported from our technical department, along the entire cycle of the project.
  • The product include an advanced user interface, and powerful tools for troubleshooting and monitoring. All the basic and advanced operations, will be done using simply the user interface of front panel.
  • SCR rectifier, overvoltage, undervoltage protection for reliable operation in all mains conditions.
  • Easy integration with external devices like Explosion Proof enclosure, Distribution Panels.
  • Comprehensive set of communication interface like serial port RS232 and free voltage contact.
  • Support vented/sealed lead acid batteries and vented/gas recombination NiCd batteries.
  • Adjustable manual and automatic charging mode for maximum flexibility on operation.
  • High-Speed last generation microcontroller, for best-in-class performance and reliability.

Tech Specs

RMB.e: Industrial Battery Charger and Rectifier 1-phase 50-100 A

Rating (A) 50* 100


Nominal voltage 230 Vac 1-phase ±10%
Frequency 50/60 Hz ±5 Hz


Nominal voltage 24/48/110/Vdc
Operating voltage Floating: 2.27 (VRLA), 2.2÷2.3 (VLA), 1.4÷1.5 (Ni-Cd) V/cell adjustable
Boost: 2.4÷2.45 (VLA), 1.5÷1.65 (Ni-Cd) V/cell adjustable
Equalizing: up to 2.35 (VRLA), up to 2.7 (VLA), up to 1.7 (Ni-Cd) V/cell adjustable
Static voltage regulation ±1%
Voltage ripple ≤1%
Overload capacity <120% for 20 min; <150% for 2 min; >150% for 20 s
Charging characteristic IU (according to DIN 41773), I1I2U, U1U2I

System and environmental

Isolation Input/output
Dimensions WxD (mm) 550x1300x550
Weight (kg) Product weights vary with output rated current and voltage (see the table below)
Rating (A) 50* 100
Output voltage 24 Vdc 80 90
48 Vdc 90 100
110 Vdc 100 110
Cooling Forced ventilation
Colour RAL 7035
Protection degree (IEC 60529) IP21 (option up to IP41)
Operating temperature -10 °C ÷ +40 °C
Storage temperature -20 °C ÷ +70 °C
Altitude <2000 m (derating according to EN 62040-3)
Audible noise at 1 meter (dBA) <65
Options Associated battery cabinets; matching cabinets for distribution and dropping cells;
built-in battery breaker; external battery breakers in standard or Eex-d
wall-mounted box; battery thermal probe; block diode for parallel;
earth fault alarm; fan monitoring and alarm; control logic redundant supply

User Interface

Front panel LCD display with 4x LED set, mimic and keyboard
Connectivity (optional) up to 2 SPDT contact relay cards, RS232 serial port, RS485 ModBus-RTU serial port,
ModBus to PROFIBUS DP adapter, Ethernet SNMP/WEB adapter,
remote monitoring software

*25A size available (more details on request)