Modular. Efficient. Compact.

The new generation UPSaver 3vo is a Modular Hi-Power UPS with the highest overall reliability and availability of any technology. It is designed to adapt to the critical and changing data centre demands. With state-of-the-art components and design we have produced one of the most compact high efficiency 333kW module which can be scaled up to a 2.67 MW single UPS or paralleled up to 21 MW for higher power.


66% Higher Power Density

Reduces your UPS footprint by 40% leaving space for income generating infrastructure.

Higher Parallel System Power

Increases power of a UPS
up to 2.67 MW
with 333 kW Modules which can be power paralleled up to 21 MW.

Efficiency of up to 97% online VFI

Borri’s patented Green Conversion & 3-Level inverter technology reduces the number of components while achieving highest VFI efficiency of 97%.

Adaptive Cooling

Intelligent Adaptive Cooling in the power pack takes the risks out of room temperature distribution problems.

Increased Anomalies Containment

Independent fuses and segregated steel chassis allow anomalies to be contained in a single sub-module, resulting in highly improved availability.

Peak Shaving

For cost effective energy management.


Modular and adaptable high power UPS’s for enterprise data centres and IT business critical applications,
designed for the changing demands of your data centre with the Lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Data Centres




Critical Cooling

And because it’s an UPSaver, it's still offering...

• 98.5% average efficiency with High efficiency modes as VI line interactive, ECO and UHE ultra high efficiency.
• Intelligent Load-Based Shutdown to achieve 97% online VFI at almost any load.
• Hot power scalability, online.
• Hot maintainability, online.
• MTTR <30 min with our replaceable power pack design inside the module.
• System design flexibility with central or modular battery and/or bypass static switch.
• Total installation flexibility with layout options to suit your space.

Borri Group is a global provider of power electronics systems and solutions for harsh industrial and demanding commercial and ICT secure power requirements merging over eighty years of experience in developing, manufacturing and supplying uninterruptible power systems and solutions.

The Research and Development Team’s expertise combines AC and DC power technologies spanning the worlds of both conventional and renewable energy, to provide innovative solutions for tomorrows problems.
Thanks to its highly skilled custom engineers Borri controls in-house the entire process: from feed studies to design, production and after-sales service guaranteeing state-of-the-art solutions. Based in Italy with over 20,000 m² production area and a large high power test field, Borri can depend on its more than 80 years of experience and multidisciplinary research and development to serve our customers best.

The company is comprised of three business units: Industrial Power, Critical Power and Renewable Power, headquartered in Bibbiena, Italy. Borri has subsidiaries in Germany, US, Canada, Middle East, India and Asia Pacific,  with distributors and partners in over 30 countries.

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