UPS industriale modulare 20-120 kW

The industrial modular UPS UMB AC07 is designed and developed to withstand harsh industrial environment and operating conditions of industrial applications with state-of-the-art technology, providing reliable and customized system solutions.

The modular design ensures a very high reliability and a very low mean time to repair (MTTR) making the Borri UMB AC07 UPS system with the highest possible availability.

Borri industrial modular UPS provides scalability and very high operating efficiency, even at partial loads, the real running costs are minimized without the need to compromise on power quality. Each UMB AC07 modular UPS module is a highly efficient double conversion, serial on-line UPS (VFI-SS-111).

  • No single point of failure.
  • UPS power range up to 120 kW.
  • High efficiency in double conversion up to 96%.
  • Increased power (kVA=kW).
  • Single and N+1 configurations.
  • Scalability for future power growth.
  • High power density.
  • Low Current Harmonics (THDi).
  • Proven microprocessor control.
  • Large LCD and LED display with mimic panel and history.
  • Wide selection of alarms, indications and measurements.
  • Communication ports and potential free contacts.
  • Operates with Lead acid batteries (VRLA - AGM).
  • Other AC input voltages.
  • RS-232 / RS-485.

Scheda Tecnica

UMB AC07: AC UPS industriale modulare 20-120 kW

Rating (kW) 20 40 60 80 100 120
Module nominal power (kW) 20 (3x6.7 kW)


Input voltage 380/400/415 Vac 3-phase with neutral
Input frequency 45/65 Hz (auto-sensing or selectable by the User)
Input voltage range 400 V +15%/-20%
Power factor 0.99
Input THDi <3%
Bypass input voltage 380/400/415 Vac 3-phase ±20%


Nominal voltage 216 V to 252 V
Battery technologies Maintenance-free Lead Acid (VRLA-AGM)
Charging current (A) 7.5 15 22.5 30 37.5 45


Nominal voltage 380/400/415 Vac 3-phase + N +/- 1%; 220/230/240 Vac 1-phase +/- 1% (only 20 kW)
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Voltage regulation ±1% static; dynamic: IEC/EN 62040-3 Class 1
Overload capacity 115% for 10 min; 135% for 60 sec
Harmonic Distortion THDv <1% linear load; <5% non-linear load


Dimensions WxDxH (mm) 600x800x2100 1200x800x2100
Cooling Forced ventilation
Colour RAL 7035 (others on option)
Protection degree (IEC 60529) IP 20 (optional up to IP 42)
Efficiency (AC/AC) Up to 96%


Operating temperature 0°C to +40°C (derated up to 55°C)/ Storage: 10°C to +70°C
Altitude < 1000 m without power reduction, > 1000 m with reduction of 0.5% per 100 m
Audible noise at 1 meter (dBA) 50 to 65 (depending on power rating)

User Interface

Front panel Cabinet graphic display, mimic LED panel and keyboard, local EPO
Connectivity Included: RS232 card, USB.


Quality assurance, environment, health and safety ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, BS OHSAS 18001:2007
Safety IEC EN 62040-1
EMC IEC EN 62040-2
Environmental aspects IEC EN 62040-4
Test and performance IEC EN 62040-3 VFI-SS-111
Protection degree IEC 60529
Marking CE