Networks and Servers

If communication and data are the core business of your company, your network will need to be reliable, efficient and scalable while keeping your data secure. Borri UPSs guarantee very high efficiency to achieve white Certificates and reduce energy consumption.

Borri UPS systems for networks and servers are flexible and adaptable to all load profiles and can be configured according to customer specifications. Borri trained technical support engineers will guide your company during the entire process.

UPS for networks and servers

Products for Network and Server

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  • Galileo RT


    UPS 1000-3000 VA 1/1.
    On-Line 1-phase (VFI) intelligent and efficient UPS, rack/tower version.
  • Borri B8031FXS-B8033FXS UPS


    UPS 10-20 kVA 3/1 - 3/3 3-Ph in/1-Ph out UPS with built in battery and modular power modules for easy maintenance.
  • Borri UPS Ingenio Compact 10-20 kVA


    UPS 10-20 kVA 3/3.
    Flexible 3-Ph UPS with parallel configuration. High efficiency and compact footprint.
  • Borri UPS Ingenio Plus 30-160 kW


    UPS 30-160 kVA 3/3.
    Compact very high efficiency UPS with built in battery up to 80kVA.
  • Borri UPS Ingenio MAX 200-300 kVA


    UPS 200-500 kVA 3/3.
    Up to 97% efficiency in a very compact low noise construction.
  • B9000FXS

    UPS 60-300 kVA 3/3.
    Transformer isolated output UPS for stringent power conditioning.
  • B9600FXS

    UPS 400-800 kVA 3/3.
    Hi-Power Transformer isolated output UPS for stringent power conditioning.
  • Borri UPSaver UPS 400 kW - 12.8 MW 3/3

    UPSaver/UPSaver 3vo

    UPS 400 kW-21 MW.
    Complete high power modular infrastructure solution > 1MW easy to configure, with up to 99.5% efficiency.
  • Borri UPS Ingenio MAX XT


    UPS 900 kW-2.1 MW.
    Scalable Hi-Power UPS for data centres.
  • STS 300

    STS 300

    STS 100-3000 A 3 phase.
    3 phase centralized static transfer switches for seamless load transfer in dual path systems.
  • Borri STS 16-32 A 1 phase

    STS 16-32

    STS 16-32 A 1/1.
    1 phase rackmount static transfer switches for seamless load transfer with maximum flexibility of use.